Dental Check-Up

Dental Check-Up | Dentist Mayfield Taking care of your teeth isn’t just about brushing and flossing.

A quick brush isn’t going to stop dental problems from happening.

You need the help of your dentist. At Mayfield Dental Care, we can help you with your oral health journey.

Embrace preventive dentistry options at our clinic for your teeth for a healthier and brighter smile today!

Why You Need A Dental Check-Up

Even after following the correct way of brushing, there are still areas in your mouth where plaque could accumulate.

For example, regular brushing cannot properly clean the end parts of your mouth.

During a dental check-up, your dentist will evaluate your teeth’s status and will suggest programs to stop the development of dental problems such as decay.

At Mayfield Dental Care, we not only serve our patients with the world-class service but also, we educate adults and kids about the pros of oral hygiene.

We explain the consequences of bad oral hygiene habits and help develop programs towards improvement.

The Dental Check-Up Process

Dental check-up starts with your dentist asking you questions if you have any concerns and issues with your teeth, gums and the appearance of your face while smiling.

Then, he will evaluate the current situation of your oral health and may suggest you take a dental X-ray. Your dentist may also recommend a dental cleaning for your teeth.

Dental cleaning should also be done as often as needed to avoid gum disease.

A regular dental check-up is scheduled twice a year, but regular dental cleaning could be not as often, depending on the status of your teeth.

Benefits of Regular Dental Check–Up

Preventive dentistry and dental check-up for that matter can do great wonders for your oral health.

Take a look at some of these noteworthy benefits:

  • Save money.
  • Save your natural teeth.
  • Avoid development of dental problems.
  • Oral cancer screening.

Mayfield Dental Care, Your Preventive Dentistry Dentist in Mayfield

Mayfield Dental Care is committed to bringing healthy and bright smiles to its patients by providing the quality service and guidance.

Help yourself take care of your beautiful and healthy smile by checking in on your Mayfield Dental Care dentist.

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