Lost/ Damaged Tooth Fillings

Lost Damaged Tooth Fillings Dental Emergency | Dentist Mayfield Tooth fillings address a number of dental issues in your mouth. This restorative dentistry treatment can do wonders for your oral health. Unfortunately, they are not invulnerable; your tooth fillings can suffer damage.

Damaged tooth fillings are categorised as a dental emergency at Mayfield Dental Care. The pain and inconvenience that follow the damage are enough to reason to address this one immediately.

At Mayfield Dental Care we offer a same day emergency appointment for your dental emergency. We want to relieve you of the pain as soon as possible.

Common Reasons For Their Damage

Natural wear and tear.

All dental restorations have a breaking point. The everyday episodes of participating in your teeth’s function can wear them down to the point of damage eventually.


Upon placement, your dentist will advise you on how to keep your tooth fillings at their best. Abuse as in chewing hard or sharp food/ material and using your teeth outside their natural functions can speed the deterioration of your tooth fillings.

Tooth decay.

One of the most common reasons for getting a tooth filling is tooth decay. Before the tooth fillings are placed, your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, and all the decayed parts are removed.

Poor dental hygiene can cause cavities to develop again, weakening the tooth until it cannot support the tooth filling.

Poor dental work.

Having the right dentist to do the job is just as important as getting the dental treatment. Poor dental work by an unskilled dentist greatly affects the tooth filling’s durability.

First Aid Steps

In case of a damaged tooth filling, here’s what you can do:

  • Rinse your mouth to remove all broken dental fillings. Doing this is important to avoid swallowing or breathing them in.
  • Take OTC pain relievers to relive pain. Be mindful of the restrictions.
  • You can also apply clove oil on the affected tooth to reduce pain and sensitivity.
  • Go to your dentist immediately.

Replacing A Damaged Tooth Filling At Mayfield Dental Care

Addressing the issue may include a dental X-ray to ensure that no tooth fillings were inhaled. When breathed in, they can cause an infection in the lungs.

To replace the lost filling, your dentist will first clean your tooth. If the cause is tooth decay, all the decayed area will be removed.

Your dentist may use a dental crown if the tooth can no longer hold the tooth filling.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment At Mayfield Dental Care

If you ever find yourself in a dental emergency, contact Mayfield Dental Care team immediately for quick assistance. Our team is well experienced in providing quick and efficient care for immediate relief.

Same day dental emergency appointment for you and your loved ones in Mayfield!

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