Invisalign | Dentist Mayfield Crooked teeth are a very common teeth flaw among children. Not only do they affect your smile and confidence, but crooked teeth can also cause a number of dental issues.

At Mayfield Dental Care, we can help you reinvent your smile! Orthodontics options at your trusted Mayfield dentist can give you the straighter teeth you’ve always wished.

Now, not only do we fix your smile, but you can also do away with the usual hassle of traditional braces. Read on to learn more about Invisalign at Mayfield Dental Care.

What Are Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign is a series of clear, removable, plastic aligners. They are nearly impossible to detect when worn, as opposed to the metals in the traditional braces.

Each Invisalign tray is custom-made to your unique measurements and is worn for two weeks. The trays must be worn in the mouth for 20-22 hours a day and should never be removed unless you’re eating, brushing your teeth, or engaging in a sports activity.

The removable trays slowly move your crooked teeth place into place for straighter teeth alignment.

Problems Addressed By Invisalign

Orthodontics address a number of dental issues other than correcting crooked teeth. Their benefits go far beyond cosmetic enhancements. Take a look at some of the problems solved by orthodontics, including Invisalign.

Wide gaps between teeth.

When your jawbone continues to grow abnormally, the result may be too much space for your 32 teeth to fill in. Hence the wide spaces in between.

Crowded teeth.

When the jawbone develops in complete opposite of the first example, the result is the crowding of your teeth. The lack of space causes your teeth to cram for space, hence the crowding.


When the upper jawbone is smaller compared to the lower jawbone, the result is the protruding of the lower teeth past the upper teeth.


This is the opposite of underbite. When the lower jawbone is smaller compared to the upper jawbone, the result is the protruding of the upper teeth past the lower teeth.


A correct bite function is when the arcs of your mouth meet together. When they are misaligned, the condition is called crossbite. In a crossbite, the upper teeth may fall inside the lower teeth when biting, or the teeth located in the on each side of the mouth.

Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign is very popular, particularly among adults. Their clear nature makes the wearer feel more comfortable speaking even while wearing them.

That is just one of the many benefits of Invisalign. Take a look at some of these benefits listed below:

  • Rectify bite problems (malocclusion).
  • Straighten crooked teeth.
  • Nearly invisible making the wearer feel more comfortable.
  • Promotes better cleaning and oral hygiene because they are removable.
  • Lesser time spent with the dentist because they do not need constant tightening and adjustment.
  • Lesser food to avoid.
  • Can be switched with mouthguards so you can still participate in sports activities.

Straighter Teeth With Invisalign At Mayfield Dental Care

Mayfield Dental Care, where gorgeous and charming smiles are invented. Get great results with Invisalign and say goodbye to crooked teeth and bite problems.

Our highly experienced team uses advanced 3D computerized technology for your Invisalign braces. Gradually your teeth will gently start to show the smile you’ve always dreamt of.

Call us on (02) 4023 3885 or book your appointment online today!

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