Dont be Anxious About Dental Treatment at Mayfield Dental Care According to the Australian Dental Journal, approximately 4 Million patients a year skip or avoid dental visits due to fear or anxiety.

Dental anxiety is among the most common fears across the globe, and luckily, Mayfield Dental Care and our outstanding team are here to help you learn to enjoy visiting us!

Our staff provides dental care in an environment free from fear or discomfort.

We offer cutting-edge dental technology and techniques, so patients enjoy the most comfortable, effective treatments.

Further, we work to ensure patient comfort from the moment they enter our dental practice.

Our team knows that not everyone can overcome dental anxiety even with our helpful staff and relaxing environment.

If you can’t overcome anxiety? We can accommodate it!

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Why are people scared of dentists? There can be a lot of reasons. Here are six of the most common we’ve seen at Mayfield Dental Care.

  • An unfortunate dental experience -Many people with dental phobia have deep-rooted fears, dating back to an unpleasant episode they had with a dentist.
  • Lack of control – Some people feel vulnerable sitting in the dentist chair. They don’t enjoy lying back, with another person’s fingers and tools in their mouths, not able to see what is happening around them.
  • Generalised anxiety disorder – An unrelated anxiety disorder can lead to dental anxiety.
  • Bad dental condition– Dental anxiety can become a negative feedback loop. If you avoid dentists because you worry you have cavities, you don’t visit the dentist and get your teeth cleaned, the likelihood of a cavity or other dental issues increases. As this cycle progresses, dental health gets worse, and anxiety increases accordingly.
  • Biological mechanisms – Humans don’t like things that impede breathing! Biology has built us to guard these areas and be suspicious of attempts to cover or enter them.
  • Economic worries – Dental care costs money, and many of us are on budgets.

What can be done to reduce anxiety?

  • Let us get to know you and see you at regular visits – When scheduling your first visit (or any visit!), share your fears and concerns. Our staff will walk you through what you can expect during your stay. This should help ease your fear of the “unknown”. If you want to speak to the doctor before your appointment, just let us know! Frequent visits to Mayfield Dental Care not only optimise your dental health, but also help you to get to know and trust our staff, and reduce anxiety.
  • Rest Up – Get a good night’s sleep before your appointment and avoid caffeine the morning of your visit. Consider scheduling your appointment in the morning, so you don’t have much time to worry.
  • Share your expectations – The goal of your visit is not just to address issues you might currently have, but also to ensure you have a pleasant experience, so you return for regular appointments.
  • Bring a Friend – Having someone you trust by your side can help you make decisions and remain calm.
  • Relaxation Techniques– Practice controlled breathing through the nose by taking a big breath, holding it, and letting it out slowly.
  • Discuss all options – Talk to us about available sedatives, numbing agents, or prescriptions that may be appropriate for you.

Even if you have had reasons not to visit your dentist in the past, it is time to put them aside and schedule a visit to Mayfield Dental Care!

What Mayfield Dental Care offers!

We offer a variety of treatments to help patients with the most severe dental anxiety relax, and receive the dental treatment they need.

Happy Gas. At Mayfield Dental Care, we use laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide to help our patients relax. Nitrous Oxide is inhaled through a mask placed over the nose, and it gives a light, unconcerned feeling. Nitrous Oxide is 100% safe and popular with children.

Oral Depressants. Mayfield Dental Care can prescribe oral sedatives or depressants to patients who are uncertain or nervous of sedation inhalation.

Child-friendly Environment. If your child is nervous, you can rest assured that they will feel at home in our relaxing and child-friendly environment.

We create a cocoon of comfort, including a relaxing aesthetic, comfortable chairs, and entertainment including TV shows, magazines, and even toys.

More about anxiety and pain control at Mayfield Dental Care

Making a Better Dental Future at Mayfield Dental Care

Mayfield Dental Care provides excellence in dentistry with the slogan, “Customer satisfaction must be our top most priority”.

Our guiding principles are innovation, culture and care. Our equipment is cutting-edge, and our outlook is forward-looking to provide you with the best dental experience you have ever had.

Our Dental Clinic is conveniently located in Mayfield, on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Hanbury St. Public transportation is nearby.

Mayfield Dental Care has world-class dental and orthodontic specialists, cutting-edge technology, caring support staff who are extremely experienced in the field, and a comfortable and welcoming environment.

New Patients Promotions

  • Pay No Gap: No Gap for dental checkupclean, fluoride & 2 x-rays (with any health insurance)
  • No Health Insurance: Only $145 ($95 for kids) for CheckupClean& Fluoride

Call us on (02) 4023 3885 or visit us at 181 Maitland Rd in Mayfield.

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