What You Should Know About Your First Dentures | Dentist Mayfield If you have lost teeth or had them extracted due to disease or injury, dentures are one option to restore your smile and confidence.

However, getting dentures for the first time can cause some anxiety – particularly if you’re not quite sure what to expect.

If you’re considering getting full or partial dentures for the first time, then you’ve landed in the right place. Here’s what you need to know to ease your fears and help you make the right decision.

Below are some tips from Mayfield Dental Care on what to expect if you need to get dentures.

Are Dentures The Right Choice?

If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, dentures can be an economical way to replace them. In some cases, dentures are more functional and aesthetically pleasing than your remaining natural teeth were.

And, if manufactured and fitted correctly, dentures can improve cheek and lip support, making your face more attractive!

Chewing food isn’t as easy with dentures – Dentures usually have 75 percent less chewing ability than natural teeth. Of course, if you have already lost your teeth, dentures will dramatically increase your chewing ability.

In some cases, patients who wear dentures complain they can’t taste food as well. Finally, dentures are not permanent – you usually replace them twice a decade.

Discuss all your restorative options with your Mayfield Dental Care dentist.

Choosing Your Dentist

Perhaps the most important thing to know about your new dentures is that picking the best dentist is the most important choice you will make. Focus on:

  • Experience: Choose a dental practice that regularly makes dentures.
  • Convenient location: Dentures aren’t like a scale and clean – you don’t just walk in, sit down, and walk out 45 minutes later. In fact, it can take multiple visits to make your dentures, and regular follow-ups are necessary. Expect sore spots and adjustments during the first few weeks.
  • Price: Well-made dentures can be expensive and shopping around makes some sense. But dentures that are poorly made and don’t fit properly, only lead to sores, discomfort, and the need for replacement.

What Are The Denture Options?

Patients normally get partial or full dentures:

  • Full Set – For a full set of dentures, all of your teeth have to be removed. If any teeth need extraction, there is a healing period of about 3 months healing required prior to getting dentures.
  • Partial Set –Partial sets let you keep some teeth, but replaces teeth that aren’t healthy enough to be fixed.

How Are You Fitted for Dentures?

The process generally follows this pattern:

Your dentist makes a mould of your natural teeth and gums.

If you are getting a full set, any remaining teeth will be extracted once the mould is taken. You’ll talk to your dentist about the colour, shape, and, size of the dentures you want.

Once the dentures are manufactured, you’ll go through a fitting. It is likely some adjustment will be necessary for maximum comfort.

Problems To Look For With Your New Dentures

A number of problems can arise with your dentures:

  • Poor fit. If dentures don’t stay in place, fall, or move around too much in your mouth, they can cause pain or gum inflammation. A bad fit also allows food to get trapped between gums and dentures, leading to potential infections.
  • Pain and discomfort are common during the first days after post-denture delivery. If pain persists, see your dentist.
  • Bad breath. If you don’t properly clean your dentures, they can develop a bad odour.

Care After Placement

  • Your dentures will feel foreign at first. It may even seem embarrassing to learn how to speak or eat naturally while wearing them. It’s normal to incur a little shock and discomfort as you’re getting used to this, but keep in mind it won’t last forever.
  • Dentures are rugged, but they aren’t eternal. Give them proper care, and they will last a long time.
  • Your dentures need to be removed every night to be cleaned and to let your gums rest.
  • Do not let your dentures dry out. Soak them in clean water or a denture cleanser each night.
  • Your dentures have to be brushed as well.
  • If you see cracks, do not use a denture repair kit. See us at Mayfield Dental Care.

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