Top Father's Day Dental Gifts | Dentist Maitland Mayfield With Mother’s Day behind us, it’s time for Dads to take centre stage. But Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for.

Often they already seem to already have everything they need, don’t they? Instead of giving Dad another tie or set of tongs – give him something for his teeth! Why, you ask?

Compared to women, men are:

  • Less likely to brush their teeth twice a day
  • Less likely to brush their teeth after every meal
  • More likely to develop gum disease
  • More likely to develop oral cancer

With Father’s Day fast just around the corner (Sunday 1 September – make sure it’s in your calendar!), Mayfield Dental Care has rounded up some ideas to help jump-start your gift search.

A Bluetooth Toothbrush

If your Dad is one of those guys who never met a bit of technology he didn’t like, he might like to trade in his old toothbrush for a Bluetooth-enabled model. You can find good ones on Amazon for under $100.

Dad can hook his brush up to his smartphone where an app will help him improve his brushing technique. The app also allows him to experiment with different settings on the brush, which comes with extra gum stimulation or enhanced whitening settings.

Finally, there’s a sensor that lights up if Dad brushes too hard, which can damage his teeth and gums.

Make Dad a Toothbrush Holder, for a DIY Gift

Does your Dad keep every paperweight and card you’ve ever made him? If he does, he might like a custom-made toothbrush holder, one you’ve created especially for him.

A quick look online will turn up a variety of different approaches; some use mugs, some bottles, some old silverware, and some use toys. In many cases, they use materials you probably have on hand.

A homemade toothbrush holder won’t break the bank, and the fact you made it yourself makes it even more special!

Travel mug with a built-in straw

If your dad is a traveller, camper, or hunter a travel mug is always a convenient gift. Make that mug a dental-positive gift by adding a straw to protect Dad’s teeth from stains caused by coffee, tea, soda, or other dark-coloured beverages. Straws also safeguard dad’s teeth from sugar that can lead to decay and cavities.

Night guards/Mouthguards

If your Dad is a sportsman, particularly in contact sports, then he must have a mouthguard to protect his teeth and mouth from getting injured. A mouthguard is a rubber-like apparatus custom designed to protect Dad’s teeth, jaws, tongue and cheeks from any blow or trauma, and thus minimise the risk of an emergency. 

Mayfield Dental Care provides durable mouthguards to suit your Dad’s adrenaline rush! Get your Dad a custom-fitted mouthguard at Mayfield Dental Care today and allow him to compete safely!

Mouthguards at Mayfield

White teeth for Father’s Day

Discoloured teeth can ruin a smile, a social life, and even a job. Unhealthy tooth colour can be a cause of embarrassing moments and low self-esteem. If your Dad suffers from yellowed or stained teeth, at Mayfield Dental Care, a brighter smile is just around the corner. Enjoy a more luminous glow with teeth whitening at Mayfield Dental Care.

A recent study from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire has confirmed that whiter teeth make people more attractive. This is only one of the many benefits of teeth whitening. We have listed some of the benefits of teeth whitening. Take a look.

  • Plaque buildup is cleaned
  • Persistent stains are removed
  • Bad breath caused by the plaque could be treated as well
  • Boost self- esteem

At Mayfield Dental Care, we provide in-office teeth whitening and home teeth whitening options for our patients.

For in-office whitening, you can either choose Zoom teeth whitening or regular teeth whitening. The former is done within an hour, with results up to eights shades brighter. The latter, or the regular teeth whitening, is done within a series of visits to our office.

For home teeth whitening, your dentist will take an impression of Dad’s teeth, order using custom-made teeth whitening trays, and send Dad home with a peroxide-based gel to apply. Home teeth whitening is perfect for a Dad who wants to whiten his teeth in the comfort and convenience of his own home!

Tooth whitening at Mayfield

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