9 Unknown Things Mayfield Dental Care Looks For During Checkups Many people have little idea what is going on in their mouth while Mayfield Dental Care has them in the dental chair.

Everyone knows we are checking your teeth and gums, looking for cavities, checking the condition of your fillings, etc., but the fact is we do so much more; and a lot of it is aimed at helping maintain your general health.

Today, Mayfield Dental Care would like to explain a little bit about the “unknown” things we are looking for when we give you a checkup.

Checking for cancer. The early symptoms of oral cancer can be hard to detect. So at each checkup, Mayfield Dental Care inspects for signs of mouth or throat cancer including lesions, sores, blocked salivary glands, unexplained bleeding, ulcers, inflamed neck glands or lymph nodes, and more.

Regular dental checkups can detect signs of oral cancers in their early stages when survival rates are near 80 per cent.

Bad Habits. Many habits can negatively impact your oral health. And in many cases when we have these habits, we aren’t even aware that they can do damage.

Here is an incomplete list of some practices that harm teeth:

  • chewing ice
  • biting your nails
  • eating sticky or hard sweets
  • brushing your teeth too hard
  • drinking coffee
  • drinking red wine
  • smoking

Luckily, during regular dental checkups, your dentist can spot damage caused by these bad habits, the damage that you might not notice. Being informed about the specific damage these habits can cause allows you the opportunity to change or alter your lifestyle choice to prevent more damage. And in many cases, when caught early your dentist can fix existing damage.

Checking for diabetes. People with diabetes are more likely to develop gum problems, and gum infection can be a symptom of diabetes. During your checkup, we will look for symptoms of diabetes such as swelling gums, bone loss, or gum abscesses. If a patient has diabetes, we will suggest a heavier schedule of regular visits.

GERD. GERD is the acronym for gastroesophageal reflux disease. This disease allows acid from your stomach to back up into your esophagus, causing heartburn, chest pain, and trouble swallowing.

Your dentist is most likely to diagnose GERD if there is damage to your tooth enamel, particularly on the inside of the rear teeth. Because GERD can damage teeth and lead to esophageal erosion and cancer, it is critical that it is identified and treated.

Anemia. Anemia means you don’t have enough red blood cells or they’re not working correctly. It can be hard to diagnose because the main reported symptom is fatigue.

But a dentist may notice lost colour in the gums, tongue, and other parts of your mouth. Oral tissue is more transparent than other body tissue, so colour changes are easier to spot in the mouth.

Heart health. There are well-established links between the condition of your oral health and your heart. As well, inflamed gums or loose teeth can be early indications of heart disease.

One Swedish study discovered that people with more infected pockets in the gums around the tooth base had a 53 per cent heightened risk of heart attack compared to those with the fewest pockets.

Teeth Grinding. Chipped/cracked/fractured/broken teeth and strongly developed chewing muscles can be symptoms of bruxism or, grinding. Over time, grinding can lead to sore muscles, headaches, tooth loss and a broken bite.

A customised night guard from Mayfield Dental Care can help you avoid costly dental work and may help treat underlying causes like snoring or sleep apnea.

Bad breath. Bad breath (halitosis) can be a symptom of nothing more than routine dental problems, but it can also be a symptom of far more serious general health issues.

General health issues that might be indicated by bad breath include diabetes (sweet smelling breath), respiratory infections, sinus infections, and kidney or liver problems.

You sucked your thumb. Pacifiers and thumb-sucking change the way the mouth develops. Unless orthodontics or surgery has taken place, we can see you loved your binky!

These are only a few of the things we look for during a checkup at Mayfield Dental Care, but this list should show you why regular dental checkups are not just a crucial part of your happy smile, but your general health as well!

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