Taking Oral Hygiene to Heart for Valentine’s Day Dentist Mayfield On Valentine’s Day, many of us look forward to quality time with our loved ones, perhaps a dinner, and a box full of candies.

And from the “Kiss Me” messages on hard candy hearts to romantic songs on the radio, a kiss is probably on your list this Valentine’s Day.

Of course, it’s important to remember to show your mouth some love as well, or that kiss may not be all that you expect! Here are some helpful guidelines from Mayfield Dental Care to ensure your teeth shine, your breath sparkles, and your health is good as you step out on the town this Valentine’s Day.

Quickly Brighten Your Teeth

Bright teeth are a proven romantic advantage. And there are some short term teeth whitening approaches (though none as good as what we do at Mayfield Dental Care!). Whitening strips are inexpensive and convenient.

Whitening gels are either brushed onto the teeth, or squeezed into a jaw-shaped tray, which are then placed on your teeth for the recommended time. Gels manage to get in to every nook and cranny of your teeth.

Defeat Bad Breath

Nothing is as unromantic as bad breath! Thankfully, in most case bad breath has simple causes that can be dealt with at home:

  • Drink herbal tea. Research has shown that green tea is highly effective against mouth odors. The antioxidants in green tea can reduce the compounds in your mouth that lead to bad breath.
  • Drink Water. Staying well hydrated is on of the easiest and quickest answers to bad breath. Keep your mouth moist and rinse any leftover food particles to fight off mouth odors.
  • Brush and floss after snacking. You already know to brush and floss in the morning and at night, but to really beat bad breath, make sure to brush and floss after snacks, too. Pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes make it easy to brush on-the-go, and you can also get floss appliances that make flossing quick and easy.
  • Keep a clean tongue. Bacteria can get stuck on your tongue, leading to bad breath. Many toothbrushes have built-in tongue cleaners – use them!
  • Breath mints. Look for breath mints to temporarily eliminate bad breath.
  • Avoid some foods and drinks. This includes garlic, onions, spicy foods, and we hate to say it, coffee and alcohol. If you are going to indulge, be sure to rinse with water or brush your teeth afterwards.
  • Quit smoking. For many reasons, including that it leads to bad breath!

The Link Between Dental And Heart Health

On Valentines Day, the day we all celebrate the heart, Mayfield Dental Care would like to take a moment to remind you of the possible links between your dental and heart health.

Overall the data indicates that chronic gum disease is related to the development of heart disease.

Why? Gum disease is a bacterial infection that can affect conditions through the entire body. One theory argues that gum disease can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream where they attach to the fatty deposits in the heart blood vessels. This condition can cause blood clots and may lead to heart attacks.

Be Careful Of The Candy

Valentine’s Day can be one of the best times of the year, but it is often associated with rich and sweet food. While candy is one benefit of Valentine’s Day, we all need to remember the negative consequences that candy consumption can have on teeth.

Valentine’s Day candy can cause severe consequences including tooth decay, sensitivity, and tooth yellowing. If you are going to eat candy, avoid sticky or hard kinds and focus on dark chocolate, which actually helps protect your dental health.

At Mayfield Dental Care we hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, but not at the cost of dental health. So cut back on the sweets.

Start Preparing For Next Year!

If you feel that your dental health and smile aren’t all they can be for this Valentine’s Day, contact us at Mayfield Dental Care for a consultation. We can help you clear up bad breath, protect your heart, and offer cosmetic dental treatments that will make you look better and feel more confident. By next Valentine’s Day there is no telling what your smile can look like!

Making a Better Dental Future at Mayfield Dental Care

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Our dental clinic is conveniently located in Mayfield, at the corner of the Pacific Highway and Hanbury St., with public transportation adjacent.

Mayfield Dental Care offers world-class dental and orthodontic specialists, superb technology, wonderful supporting staff, who are well experienced in the field, and a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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