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Mayfield Dental Care Dental Insurance Use It or Lose It If your dental insurance plan, like the majority of them, is based on the calendar year, it’s time for you to get busy taking advantages of the benefits you still have available in 2018.

You have a few days remaining to max out your dental insurance benefits. Anything you’ve left unspent will go away on January 1.

Your deductible is also reset, and you begin paying again. Of course, you have a lot to do before now and the year’s end, but throwing money away is NOT on anybody’s to-do list.

With that in mind, the Mayfield Dental Care strongly recommends you take a look at our remaining insurance benefits and max them out!

Why you should use your benefits

To get the most value out of the insurance benefits you have earned it is best to schedule a dental appointment before the New Year. Here’s why:

Reaching your annual max. Most dental insurance plans have an annual maximum coverage cap. Usually, this annual maximum is refreshed each year on January first. Whatever you have left over is not rolled over to the next year, and this money vanishes.

Scheduling multiple-visit procedures across two years. If you need a particularly expensive or drawn out treatment, it makes sense to plan the procedures to begin before – and complete after – January first.

This lets you spread two years of benefits across procedures that might be too expensive in a single year. This reduces out-of-pocket costs and maximises your benefits.

Minimising deductibles. Most dental insurance requires you to pay money out-of-pocket before the benefits kick entirely in.

This means that paying for the first treatments of the year can disproportionately come out of your wallet.

But once your deductible is paid, schedule an appointment with Mayfield Dental Care for any procedure you may have been putting off. With deductibles already paid, the bulk of the expense may fall on your insurer.

Maximise premiums. You pay premiums for dental insurance, and you should take advantage of them. Don’t think of dental insurance as only protection against emergency dental needs; it can do much more.

Take advantage of your benefits to have routine hygiene cleanings and exams that help detect and prevent gum disease, cavities, grinding, cancer, and other dental issues, some of which can become much more serious if not treated.

Potential fee increases. At Mayfield Dental Care we do all we can to provide excellent treatment at an affordable price, but sometimes the increasing cost of materials or equipment force us to change our rates. If you wait to get necessary treatments you may end up paying a higher price.

Dental problems don’t stand pat. Procrastinating can be easy, especially given the prospect of dental work, which most of us don’t enjoy.

Unfortunately, almost all dental issues worsen over time, particularly if they are not treated. This kind of procrastination causes increased discomfort, both to your mouth and your wallet.

If you seek treatment immediately, before the year ends, you are likely to pay less for your treatment and have to pay for less complicated treatment.

What to do

Call your dental insurance provider and determine the exact amount of your unused benefits. That is the amount of money you will sacrifice if you don’t take action before the end of this year.

Call Mayfield Dental Care make an appointment. The sooner you do this, the more likely we can schedule you or any eligible family member before the end of the year.

While you’re chatting, find out what procedures will qualify. Typically, cosmetic treatments like whitening or veneers isn’t covered.

But preventive procedures such as cleanings, x-rays and routine exams probably are. So are fillings, crowns, bridgework and other dental procedures up to the amount allowed by your plan.

One final reason for calling us quickly: You may not be the only person who suddenly realised you still have unspent dental insurance benefits to use at Mayfield Dental Care. Call now to secure the most convenient appointment time!

It’s the holiday gift you can give yourself! The end of the year is a time of celebration and social gathering.

Take advantage of your unused benefits to provide yourself with a stunning smile for the end of this year and going forward to the next one!

Making a Better Dental Future at Mayfield Dental Care

Mayfield Dental Care provides excellence in dentistry with the slogan, “Customer satisfaction must be our top most priority”.

Our guiding principles are innovation, culture and care. Our equipment is cutting-edge, and our outlook is forward-looking to provide you with the best dental experience you have ever had.

Our Dental Clinic is conveniently located in Mayfield, on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Hanbury St. Public transportation is nearby.

Mayfield Dental Care has world-class dental and orthodontic specialists, cutting-edge technology, caring support staff who are extremely experienced in the field, and a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Dental Insurance: Use It or Lose It!

If you are overdue for a dental clean and checkup, the time to act is now if you are a health fund member.

Most dental insurance funds offer no-gap cleans once or twice yearly, but your benefits do not roll over into the next year. This means that your benefits are wasted if you do not take advantage of them.

Schedule through the end of December so that they can achieve maximum rebates and healthy smiles this 2018.