Five Tips to Help You Prepare for Dental Visits | Dentist Mayfield

A dental visit may be a stressful event for some people, specially for first timers. But it need not be stressful. With help from your Mayfield Dental Care dentist, a dental visit can be a fun and satisfying experience. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll surely be dental visit ready in no time.

#1 Confirm your appointment

Call your dental clinic in advance to confirm your appointment. Restate the date and time to the receptionist. And if you can, add a reminder to your phone. Extra caution won’t hurt.

#2 Arrive on time

Arriving on time saves you from a number of things that could go wrong. If you can, arrive 30 minutes before your schedule. Spend the extra time talking to the receptionist or to other patients. This will help you relax before your schedule.

#3 A bit nervous?

It is normal to feel nervous. Don’t be afraid to tell your dentist of your fears. This way your dentist can shoo your dental fears away. We also have sedation techniques such as happy gas to help ease anxiety.

#4 Discuss dental problems

Don’t be afraid to discuss your specific dental problems with your dentist. The best way for your dentist to help is if you have open communication with each other. Spill the beans!

#5 Schedule follow-ups

Keeping your teeth healthy does not end with just one visit. Schedule a follow up appointment. We recommend a dental check up twice a year.
Just follow these steps and you’ll have a wonderful time during your dental check up. We look forward to you visiting soon!

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